Biology Websites

Bjarke Ingels Group -BIG

Foster and Partners

Grimshaw Architects

The Architectural Review

HOK (global architectural design office)

2012 Architecten – Superuse Studios



Loop.pH – space crafting

The Tissue Culture and Art Project

Bio digital

Kin Design

Fashion Space Gallery

Univers Alassembly Unit

Digital Anthropology Lab – UAL

Pelling Lab

Pelagic Publishing


Karim Rashid

Jaime Hayón

Luigi Colani

Mathieu Lehanneur

Kengo Kuma

Leslie Brich

Kuai Shen – is an artist whose ant-mediated installations reflect on the interspecies relationship between insects and humans as a metaphor for a post-human ecology, in which mutualisms between artefacts and organisms take place.

Eduardo Miranda – is a composer and Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientist working at the crossroads of biology & music.

Veronica Ranner – is a designer, artist and researcher exploring the burgeoning domain of the bio­–digital – a converging knowledge space where digitality and computational thinking meet biological matter.

Light Design



GKD – Metal Fabrics

Sensitile Systems


Link from Jess

Plug And Wear

Electric Foxy

How To Get What You Want

Interactive Wear

Cute Circuit

Technical Textiles

Inntex Innovation Textile


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