Science Websites

Cern the European Organization for Nuclear Research, physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. Nasa National Aeronautics and Space Administration The Sloan Digital Sky Survey National Geographic The Fitzwilliam Museum Autodesk Research (synthetic website) Nautilus The Royal Society Euro Scientist New Scientist […]

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Art Stores

    4D Modelshop – Model Making Materials Tiranti – Scuptor’s tools, Materials and Studio Equipment Atlantis – Art Material Store Paperchase – Paper Printing Cass Art Liquitex – Inks, Paints Lumi Gram – Light for Style Leyland – Decorates Maplin – Electricals, Lighting Lead & […]

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Physical Computing

Oomlout – stuff shopping/ blog SParkfun – stuff shopping/ learning/ AVC/  Forum/ Data Programming Software – Arduino Programming Software – Processing Electronic Components Online – Products/ Reference Designs/ Articles and Videos/ Design Center Kyouei Design Interactive Designers Pe Lang Ricardo O’Nascimento Kathy Hinde David Bowen […]

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